Is parking available at the hotel?

Limited onsite parking available for $35 per day (bookings essential.
Accessible from 2pm on day of reservation and departure by 11am on day of departure. For vehicles under 2m (no trailer or long vehicle access available).

Off site parking options is Wilsons Car Park 187 Thomas Street, Haymarket.

While in the Car Park, you agree to:
a. Comply with all signs and all reasonable directions and requests made by us.
b. Park your vehicle within the marked boundaries of the one bay allocated to you.
c. Do not obstruct any roadways or any other vehicles.
d. Do not park anywhere that is designated as a no parking or reserved area.
e. You agree that you are responsible for securing your vehicle including any belongings left in
your vehicle and ensuring your own safety in the car park.
f. Central Studio Hotel Sydney shall not be liable for any injury or death to yourself or
anyone else resulting from the use of this car park.
g. Central Studio Hotel Sydney shall not be liable for any damage to, destruction of, theft of your
vehicle (including anything in or on your vehicle) or any other vehicle regardless of how, when or by whom this is caused.